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SRIC is part of the large Thailand industrial conglomerate, The Siam Cement Group. The SRIC refractory manufacturing plant has state of the art technology and a production capacity of 165,000 tonnes per year. SRIC has recently begun manufacturing of a selected range of products in China.



Over the last 18 years Phoenix and SRIC have supplied products to a long list of satisfied customers, many of whom have personally reviewed the manufacturing plant in Thailand.



  • Insulating Bricks

  • Basic Bricks

  • Fireclay and Alumina Bricks

  • Dry Gunning Mixes

  • Castables

  • Plastics and Mortars

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Pre-Cast and Special Shapes

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Services Provided

  • Shut down and installation supervision

  • Drawing, design and engineering services

  • Rotary Kiln Ovality checking for kiln reliability

  • Extensive Post-mortem evaluation and recommendations for extending refractory life
  • In-house Research and Development Facilities

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