Magneco-Metrel.jpg - largeMagneco/Metrel

In 1989 Magneco/Metrel, recognizing the shortcomings of low cement castables, made a total commitment to a new refractory technology utilizing the latest versions of colloidal silica combined with other chemical additives to form a unique binding system. Nanotechnology had come to the Cast House. The first products utilizing the unique colloidal silica binding system were pumpables, which could be cast but could also be pumped through hoses a considerable distance. The second round of colloidal silica bonded products developed were capable of being shotcreted to rebuild linings without the use of forms.


To date, there has been great success with the colloidal silica bonded Metpump range in:

  • Aluminum 
  • Blast Furnace Ironmaking
  • Steel Reheat Furnaces
  • Copper
  • Acid Resistant Linings
  • Cement
  • Ferro Alloy Industries
  • Glass making


Products using the binder system are also finding success in Power Plants and throughout industries in general, wherever heat and corrosive elements must be contained. Metpump products can be endlessly repaired, providing fast turnarounds coupled with outstanding physical properties such as high hot modulus of rupture, resistance to corrosive attacks, thermal shock resistance and thermal cycling resistance.




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 Manual Shotcreting


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Hot Shotcrete Repair


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Pre-Cast Blocks


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